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A. J. talks about paranormal stories in the South with RT Book Reviews:
Rolling In The Deep (South): Why Southern-Set Paranormal Tales Are Hot (8/13/13)
"The South is celebrated for its distinctive culture, but like any region with history and personality, you can't write about its good side without also grappling with its bone-deep problems."

Conversation between A. J. Larrieu and Amber Belldene on Paranormal Unbound:
What makes a heroine kick-ass? Feminism in Paranormal Romance. (4/5/13)
"But when I sat down to think about my favorite feminist paranormal heroines, the first two I came up with were Nicole Peeler's Jane True and Marta Acosta's Milagro De Los Santos. Neither qualifies as a traditional butt-kicking heroine—Jane refers to herself as 'built for comfort'—but they both resist being defined by the men in their lives. I think that's what makes a heroine feminist: she has an independent sense of self."

Interview on The Firebirds:
A.J. talks about growing up in hurricane country, strong female characters,
and who wears the pants.
"My Google search history is a terrifying place. Over the years, I've looked up various kinds of weaponry, injectable CNS depressants, surgical sutures, how to fake your own death, and whether a body will fit in the trunk of a '69 Camaro. In case you're curious, a body will, in fact, fit in the trunk of a '69 Camaro. The Internet knows everything."

Guest Post on the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood:
Fear, Rage and Death: Why I Write Paranormal Romance (4/26/12)
"Every book I write is my way of dealing with something slippery and intangible, some fear or hope or longing. I write paranormal fiction because when I'm trying to understand the sometimes ugly and frightening world, it helps to put a face on the fear and make it tame. It's hard to fight something you can't see, so a good paranormal romance or urban fantasy takes that fear, that anger, that taboo desire and gives it a beating (or perhaps unbeating) heart."

Guest Post on Pens Fatales:
Zeitgeist: Staying Connected (7/16/2010)
"It's a disturbing talent of mine to link everything back to writing—sort of a self-centered six-degrees-of-separation—but this one's easy. What are stories, if not ways for us to connect with each other? My nephew tells me complicated, made-up stories about the adventures of his tiny toy cars. Having dinner with a couple of new friends, my husband and I told old stories we've heard a hundred times, taking a different kind of comfortable pleasure in hearing them again. (Like the one about him almost getting hit by a train: funny now, not funny at the time.) Stories aren't just a nice way to connect, they're the only way to connect."

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