A. J. Larrieu A. J. Larrieu

"A compelling new voice... (an) atmospheric debut that
creeps along moss-covered Louisiana bayous."
   —Jenn Bennett, author of Bitter Spirits, on Twisted Miracles

"...stellar characters with multi-faceted personalities..."
   —DVK at GraveTells News & Reviews on Anchored

"...off the charts sexy..."
   —SheWolf Reads on Anchored

Twisted Miracles
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Smart, Sexy, Supernatural Fiction

Welcome to the official website of urban fantasy and paranormal romance author A. J. Larrieu.

I write write sexy stories full of unusual characters, hidden spaces and Southern charm. I love beautiful language and beautiful places, and I'm an unrepentant nerd. If this sounds like your brand of bourbon, we should be friends. You might also like my books.

Anchored is out now. It's a paranormal romance novella with an alpha angel heroine and an irreverent hero. My debut novel, Twisted Miracles, comes out on April 7, 2014 from Carina Press. It kicks off my dark, sexy urban fantasy series, The Shadowminds, which features a group of New Orleans natives who aren't as normal as they seem.

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Want to chat? The best ways to reach me are through email and twitter, or you can sign up for my newsletter. I also blog regularly at Paranormal Unbound. I love hanging out with book people, so don't be shy!